Unleash the Fun with "The Outrageous Birthday Game With Consequences" - A Hilarious & Wild Party Experience

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Get ready to unleash the laughter at your next adult birthday party with

"The Outrageous Birthday Game With Consequences." Pick teams and compete in hilarious challenges that will have you in fits. With a Russian roulette-style format, each turn reveals a new challenge or forfeit, leading to unpredictable fun. Let the games begin and make any birthday celebration unforgettable!


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The aim of the game is simple - get the token to the opposing team's forfeit. Each card you draw is full of twists and turns, featuring funny challenges that pit both teams against each other in a battle. Create your own forfeits for the losing team and tailor the game's outrageousness to your crowd. It's an ideal gift for anyone aged 17 and above, making it perfect for birthday parties, Hen and Stag parties, and other special occasions.


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Unleash the fun and laughter with "The Outrageous Birthday Game With Consequences." It's the perfect gift idea to make any birthday celebration memorable and entertaining. So, gather your friends, open the box, and let the outrageous challenges bring your party to life!


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So why wait? Get your hands on  "The Outrageous Birthday Game With Consequences" today and surprise your mates with the ultimate gift for any occasion. Don't miss out on this wild, raunchy and hilarious party game!
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